About us

Welcome to Areedoo Store

Areedoo established in 2020 with a small team and a big vision for the future, future of the shopping that in our vision should only be done by online this to ensure that seller will not over charge or scam you for any product that you purchase , by using our platform will make sure that you will be protected and your money will not be wasted


Our Vision

to be the biggest online shop in Iraq and region that changes the way to shop forever! Shop what you need and it you will get it once you need with warranty and after sale services .

Our mission

To connect world’s well-known brands suppliers to our customer in order to provide High quality products with a reasonable price We will make you able to check the quality by yourself by using our pre-build check lists and will guide on how to use the product so you can get the max benefits from it .

How it works


A sales representative will call you and confirm the order with you (condition , quantity , color …) an Initial payment for the product will be done by customer

Review and Discounts

After checking the product you can submit the feedback (review) about the product once you done that will get points that can be converted to discount code in which you can use them in your future purchases

Quality check and delivery by Areedoo

We're a team of creative and make amazing site in ecommerce. We love colour pastel,highlight and simple, its make our design look so awesome

  • • In case if the product is not available in our warehouse , will collect the product from supplier and will do quality control check
  • If pass thru our quality check then will delivered to you
  • If not passed thru our quality check then will ask supplier to replace it once replaced will pack it delivered to you
  • • In case if the product is available in our warehouse then that means the product have been passed thru our Quality control process, we will proceed with packing and deliver the product to you
Quality check by Customer
  • I. Once you get the product you should check the product this will be done online by using our (check button ) will guide on how to check the quality of the product step by step and in each step you have to answer a question with Yes or No
  • II. If the item that you purchased has warranty the warranty of the product will be activated after checking the product.

Any time before the warranty ends if you get any problems with product you shall send the product back and will replace it to you by another one